2012 Annual Meeting

Thank you to all the community members who attended in person or by proxy our 2012 Annual Meeting. You helped ensure a successful meeting!

Awesome job done by all our presenters!

Please congratulate our elected new board members, Brian Dickerson and Jesse Stapleton and our returning board member Joe Hannett.  Thank You for volunteering to serve!!!

In addition, we conducted a brief board meeting at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting to elect board member roles.  The results are the following:

President:  Angela Etter

Vice President:  Brian Dickerson

Treasurer:  Mike Daly

Secretary:  Joe Hannett

Member at large:  Jesse Stapleton

Special THANK YOU is extended to retiring Board Member Kate Meyers for her years of service on the Association’s Board of Directors. Your efforts and time commitment serving on the Board is very much appreciated and we wish you the best in future endeavors.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2012, meeting location to be announced later.


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