LCSO to Hold Series of Internet Safety Classes for Parents

Loudoun County, VA- The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office will begin a series of courses called Internet Safety: What Parents Need to Know. This two part course will help introduce parents to basic Internet safety as well as some advanced techniques to help keep their children safe while online and using technology. Please be advised that these are PARENT ONLY CLASSES due to GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Internet Safety is a common topic of discussion for today’s parents and in some cases can be a source of anxiety. With technology moving ahead at such a rapid pace, it can be hard for parents to keep up let alone catch up. Topics that will be discussed: Social Networking, Sexting/Texting, Cell Phone Technology and Features, Laptops vs. Desk Top PC’s, Current Trends, Predatory Behaviors, PC and Console Gaming, and Monitoring Techniques.

Below is a list of the upcoming Internet safety courses being taught by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Adult Crime Prevention Unit:

Date Location Time

11/26/12 Broad Run High School (Part I) 7PM
11/27/12 Broad Run High School (Part II) 7PM

11/28/12 Freedom High School (Part I) 7PM
11/29/12 Freedom High School (Part II) 7PM

12/04/12 Woodgrove High School (Part I) 7PM
12/05/12 Woodgrove High School (Part II) 7PM

12/10/12 John Champe High School (Part I) 7PM
12/12/12 Mercer Middle School (Part II) 7PM

Please be advised that these are PARENT ONLY CLASSES due to GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Also available at the classes will be the ComputerCop program. ComputerCop is a computer software program that allows parents to view and permanently delete potentially harmful images and information that have been downloaded on any home computer (Windows Only). The free software is easy to install and gives parents an added safeguard to make sure their children are using the Internet safely and responsibly. The software will not only aid in protecting children from harmful material on the Internet, but should also initiate a line of communication between parents and children regarding the positive and negative aspects of the Internet and its appropriate use.

If you are unable to attend an upcoming class, copies of the ComputerCop program will be available on a first come-first serve basis at the following locations: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Administration Building, 880 Harrison Street, SE Leesburg, VA, the Dulles South Public Safety Center located at 25216 Loudoun Parkway in South Riding, VA , the Eastern Loudoun Station located at 46620 East Frederick Drive in Sterling, VA (adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School), and the University Station located at 45299 Research Place, Suite 100, in Ashburn, VA.

To learn more about upcoming classes and events held by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, please visit

source: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office


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