Littering is not Allowed

We live in an area that is consistently exposed to high winds that blow trash and debris around the community. Residents are extremely frustrated by trash being blown into their yards and it is also impacting our common areas.

Section 11.K.4 of the Design Guidelines reads as follows:
Each Resident is responsible for picking up litter on his property and/or debris on the common areas which originated from his property.

Removal of trash and debris from all Association areas accumulating from resident usage will be completed as necessary. Remember that the removal of trash costs the Association money, and voluntary neighborhood cleanup, in addition to controlling litter at the source saves everyone money.’

Trash on trash collection days must be properly secured.
Braddock Corner guidelines require all trash be placed in containers manufactured for trash storage.  Please see section  III.II (Trash Cans and Recycling Bins) in the Single Family Design Guidelines and section III.HH in the Townhouses Design Guidelines for more information.

Also, trash and debris are not the only items being blown around the community, there’s the trash and recycle containers too.  Residents are strongly encouraged to mark their trash/recycle containers with their address using a permanent marker or paint.  This will help identify where they belong if they get blown around.  Patriot Disposal charges residents for replacements of lost containers.  Please see their website for more information:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our property manager, Carol Stirner, via email: or by telephone: 703.723.8450.

We thank you for your cooperation and attentiveness to this matter.

Pet Conduct for Community Harmony

Our association is proud to be pet-friendly, and we’re happy your four-legged family members are part of our community. Of course, like any good neighbor, it’s important that these pets don’t create an unpleasant environment for everyone else. To avoid unnecessary disputes and potential rule violations, here are some guidelines owners should follow to ensure their furry friends continue to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Read the Rules: While we welcome pets in our association, we have a few rules and requirements. Please check the association’s governing documents for more information or contact our property manager, Carol Stirner by email: or telephone: 703-723-8450.

Keep it Clean: No one wants to see, smell or accidentally step in the “gift” your dog left on the grassy common area or neighbor’s yard. So when your dog needs to go, be sure to properly dispose of it. Not only will this keep our community looking better, but it will help keep ground water clean and help prevent the spread of fecal-borne diseases.

Quiet Down: Pets will be noisy from time to time. However, when loud barking or meowing becomes annoying to neighbors, it’s time to help your pet become less talkative. First, try to find out what causes your pets to get vocal: Do they get noisy when they’ve been alone and bored all day and need some playtime? Have they gone through a stressful change in environment recently? Are they suffering from health issues? Do they simply like saying “hello” to every squirrel, person or car that passes by?

When you’ve identified the cause, take remedial actions such as confining them to an area where they feel calm while you’re away, removing or blocking as many stimuli as possible, exercising them more or spending more time with them. You can also take them to a professional or search online for tips on how to train your pets not to get too noisy.

No Wandering: For the safety of your pets as well as all residents, please do not allow your pets to roam unattended outside. Along with helping protect your pets, leashing your dog is the law.

Braddock Corner Board of Directors March 20th Meeting

The Braddock Corner Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at the Gum Spring Library located at 24600 Millstream Drive, Stone Ridge, VA 20105. The Open Forum portion of the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. with a resident comment period that typically lasts for 10-15 minutes. Directly following the Open Forum, residents are invited to remain and observe as the Board undertakes the business portion of the meeting.

The Board may conduct an executive session, usually held near the end of the agenda for specified reasons.


Open Forum

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes – February 20, 2013

Opening Comments from President

Committee Reports
​Strategic Planning

Financial Report – EOM February 2013

Community Clean-Up
​Annual Maintenance Inspections
​Trash Can Lids
​Misc Issues

Annual Meeting Planning
Upcoming Events
Strategic Plan
Sandwich Board

​Review Delinquency Report




March 6, 2013

Contact: Liz Mills, Director of Media Relations and Communications, 571-251-5568 (mobile)

Loudoun County, VA- The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office advises residents to avoid travel on roadways unless absolutely necessary as heavy snow and high winds are predicted today.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about the latest weather information by following media reports and monitoring the National Weather Service at ( on your phone) for the latest forecast.

Over 300 residents are without power and several traffic signals lost power or were malfunctioning earlier today. Motorists are reminded that when approaching an intersection where no law enforcement is present and the traffic signals are off due to power failure, that intersection must be treated as a four-way stop. Please be patient as widespread power outages are expected for our region and the winter weather may hinder utility crews from restoring power until conditions improve.

When dealing with downed trees and post-storm debris, residents are reminded to stay away from downed wires as they may be live with electricity. If you see a downed line, report it immediately.

Also, make sure to report power outages. For Dominion Virginia Power, call 1-866-366-4357. Dominion also provides updates through Facebook and Twitter. To report NOVEC power outages, call 1-888-335-0500. Make sure NOVEC has your current phone number. The correct number will expedite outage reporting and power restoration. If you use a cell phone, call 703-335-0500 or 1-888-335-0500 to associate your number with your account. Please be aware that bucket trucks are unable to operate in high winds, and this might delay crews working to fix any outages. For Washington Gas, call 1-800-543-8911. For Columbia Gas, call 1-800-543-8911.

Other phone numbers you need to know:

• 2-1-1 Virginia is serving as the public inquiry number for Virginia residents.

• 5-1-1 is to be used for the latest in road conditions.

• Call #77 on a cell phone to report a traffic crash or traffic emergency

• Only call 9-1-1 in a true emergency. For non-emergency situations in Loudoun County, call 703-777-1021.

The Loudoun Sheriff’s Office reminds motorists to stay safe in the winter by also following these driving safety tips:

Always keep the gas tank topped off. When it gets to half, fill it up.

Turn on your headlights.

Do not travel unless absolutely necessary. If you do have to make the trip, ensure someone is aware of your route of travel.

Carry a cellular phone. Your cell phone can be used during emergencies and for notifying those expecting your arrival in case there are weather delays.

Always buckle-up. Your seat belt can be the best protection against drivers who are tense and in a hurry because of weather conditions.

Clear snow and ice from all windows and lights – even the hood and roof – before driving.

Pay attention. Don’t try to out-drive the conditions. Remember the posted speed limits are for dry pavement.

Leave plenty of room for stopping

Leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows – stay back a safe stopping distance and don’t pass on the right.

Know the current road conditions:; for statewide highway information 24-hours-a-day, call the Highway Helpline at 1-800-367-ROAD or check local traffic incident information at

Use brakes carefully. Brake early. Brake correctly. It takes more time to stop in adverse conditions.

Watch for slippery bridges, even when the rest of the pavement is in good condition. Bridges will ice up sooner than the adjacent pavement.

Don’t use your cruise control in wintry conditions. Even roads that appear clear can have sudden slippery spots and the short touch of your brakes to deactivate the cruise control feature can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Don’t get overconfident in your 4×4 vehicle. Remember that your four-wheel drive vehicle may help you get going quicker than other vehicles but it won’t help you stop any faster. Many 4×4 vehicles are heavier than passenger vehicles and actually may take longer to stop. Don’t get overconfident in your 4×4 vehicle’s traction. Your 4×4 can lose traction as quickly as a two-wheel drive vehicle.

Do not pump anti-lock brakes. If your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, do not pump brakes in attempting to stop. The right way is to “stomp and steer!”

Look farther ahead in traffic than you normally do. Actions by cars and trucks will alert you quicker to problems and give you a split-second extra time to react safely.


Remember that trucks are heavier than cars. Trucks take longer to safely respond and come to a complete stop, so avoid cutting quickly in front of them.

Go Slow!


Route 50 Widening Project – at Intersection of Stonecroft Blvd

On the night of March 15th beginning at approximately 8:00 PM and
continuing through the day on March 16th, there will be signal work
taking place at the intersection of Route 50 and Stonecroft Blvd in
Fairfax County. The permanent signal poles and signal heads will be
removed, and new temporary signal poles will be installed with new
overhead span wire and temporary signal heads.
Lane closures will be up in both the Eastbound and Westbound
directions of Route 50 until completion. Also, police officers will be
stopping traffic periodically so that the signal subcontractor can
remove the permanent poles and install the new temporary signal
poles and new span wire. Upon completion of this work, the new
intersection will be fully operational and the traffic configuration
through the intersection will stay the same.
It is advised that delays are anticipated on Saturday, and it is
recommended to utilize alternate routes.
For more information on the Route 50 Widening Project, please visit
the Project website at:

Route 50 Widening Project – Traffic Detour for Route 28 SB

On or about the nights of March 11th and 12th from approximately
9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., there will be a traffic detour for Route 28 SB
traffic taking the exit ramp to Route 50 WB in Fairfax County. Ramp
traffic will be detoured to WB Route 50 through the other three
intersection loop ramps. Temporary signs will be utilized to aid in
detouring ramp traffic. Also, a message board will be in-place
notifying motorists of the detour.
Upon completion of this work, the exit ramp will be shifted slightly so
that concrete barrier can be installed along the right shoulder of the
ramp and along Route 50 Westbound.
It is advised that delays are anticipated on Monday and Tuesday night,
and it is recommended to utilize alternate routes.
For more information on the Route 50 Widening Project, please visit
the Project website at:

Snow Removal Responsibility and other Information

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will perform snow removal on public streets in the community. If you live on a VDOT street and have concerns, please call VDOT at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623)
Private streets are the responsibility of Braddock Corner HOA and snow removal will be performed when there is an accumulation of 2 inches or more.
Residents are responsible for snow removal on their driveways and sidewalks.


  • To report hazardous road conditions or to ask VDOT questions about your specific area, call the statewide Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623) anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Source: VDOT
  • If you are at home today during the storm, remember to clear the snow away from fire hydrants, clear storm drains, and shovel the snow off of your deck if you can. Source: Loudoun County Government
  • If you are calling Novec from a cell phone please make sure it is registered with them when you call. 1-888-335-0500 and follow the menu. Source: NOVEC