Littering is not Allowed

We live in an area that is consistently exposed to high winds that blow trash and debris around the community. Residents are extremely frustrated by trash being blown into their yards and it is also impacting our common areas.

Section 11.K.4 of the Design Guidelines reads as follows:
Each Resident is responsible for picking up litter on his property and/or debris on the common areas which originated from his property.

Removal of trash and debris from all Association areas accumulating from resident usage will be completed as necessary. Remember that the removal of trash costs the Association money, and voluntary neighborhood cleanup, in addition to controlling litter at the source saves everyone money.’

Trash on trash collection days must be properly secured.
Braddock Corner guidelines require all trash be placed in containers manufactured for trash storage.  Please see section  III.II (Trash Cans and Recycling Bins) in the Single Family Design Guidelines and section III.HH in the Townhouses Design Guidelines for more information.

Also, trash and debris are not the only items being blown around the community, there’s the trash and recycle containers too.  Residents are strongly encouraged to mark their trash/recycle containers with their address using a permanent marker or paint.  This will help identify where they belong if they get blown around.  Patriot Disposal charges residents for replacements of lost containers.  Please see their website for more information:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our property manager, Carol Stirner, via email: or by telephone: 703.723.8450.

We thank you for your cooperation and attentiveness to this matter.


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