What Happened at the Annual Meeting

Braddock corner hoa annual meeting spc 2013 from bc20105

The Braddock Corner Annual Meeting was held on May 15th at the Gum Spring Library. Glad to see new faces at the meeting and a special thanks to all who completed proxies. Those completed proxies helped us meet quorum. Whew!

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Crime Prevention Specialist, Nathaniel Payne and Dulles South Station Assistant Commander, Russell Wall both spoke. Thank you to our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Joe Mertan for organizing their attendance.

A presentation was given by our Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) on the
plan they presented to the Board of Directors.

Spc presentation from bc20105

The Annual Meeting concluded with the election of board members by acclamation. Please join me in welcoming our newest Board member, Stefani Richardson and returning Board member Jesse Stapleton.

Here is our new lineup:
President Angela Etter
Vice President Joe Jester
Treasurer Stefani Richardson
Secretary Joe Hannett
Member at Large Jesse Stapleton

If you see any of our volunteers out and about, please take the time to thank them- they do an awesome job!


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