Clean the Stream and Community Clean Up

We are taking advantage of the nice weather expected this weekend and going to do some community spring cleaning.

Please come out and join us Saturday, April 5th for the Stream and Community Clean Up.  We will meet at the Gazebo starting at 8am, receive our assignments and get our community ready for the Spring Season.

‘Doing our part, helping our community’


Happy Earth Day – Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

It’s not too late to get involved! Attend a local Earth Day event, plant a tree, write to your elected officials, or simply commit to living more sustainably. Every little action counts.

A few weeks ago, a few community volunteers participated in the Braddock Corner Adopt-A-Stream/Community Clean Up Event and cleaned up the community from all the trash that had been scattered around. Thank you volunteers for doing your part:
David Vinh
Vivian Vinhphoto(1)
Don Dew
Pat Lundquist
Joe Jester
Angela Etter
A special thanks to Jesse Stapleton for getting us involved in the Virginia Adopt-A-Stream program.